The Augean Project


The long-term goal of the Augean Project is to develop an effective methodology for teaching English to Thai students.  The goals of Phase 1 are to compile a list of problems with the current system and describe possible solutions to these problems.  This is a realistic project with no delusions of fixing the Thai education system.  After the short-term goals are achieved the next phase will focus on small-scale testing of some of the proposed solutions.  

In no way is the intent of the project to criticize anyone working for the Thai education system.  Thai teachers and administrators should be respected and their efforts should be rewarded.  Teaching is not easy.  The goal of this project is to help solve, or at least propose solutions to, a very small part of an extremely complex problem.


Anyone can contribute to the Augean Project.  Constructive input and unfiltered criticism is welcome from anyone.  Input from foreign teachers is especially appreciated.  Right now what's needed most are realistic proposals for fixing one or more of the problems identified in Phase 1.  If you or someone you know wants to participate in Phase 2 to test some of the solutions proposed in Phase 1 please contact me.

Definition of Success

The Augean Project will be considered successful if and only if the resulting methodology consistantly yields better results than current educational systems used in Thai public schools.  Specifically, the methodology should result in larger working English vocabularies, more accurate pronunciation of English words, greater ability to read English, and overall better conversational skills.  These results should be obvious and readily quantifiable.  The methodology should be effective for a diverse population of students with varying abilities and backgrounds, ranging from P1 to M6.

Phase 1: Problems with the Thai School System

                Proposed Solutions

Phase 2: Alpha Proposal

                Alpha Development

                Alpha Testing

Phase 3: Beta Development

                Beta Testing

Phase 4: Limited Implementation


                Version 2 Definition


Revised November 2017