CA 102: Intermediate Pronunciation, Part 1


About This Course

This is the third course in the CA series which focuses on English pronunciation.  This course has 11 lessons and a final exam, which means the entire course consists of 12 one-hour sessions.  Most lessons cover monosyllabic words that start with a particular letter of the English alphabet.  For example, Lesson 1 covers words that start with the letter A.  The last lesson covers words that start with the letter K.  Words that start with the letters L through Z are covered in the next course in this series, CA.103: Intermediate Pronunciation, Part 2.

Each lesson contains additional instructions to the teacher or parent (the Instructor) who is teaching their students or children how to pronounce English words correctly.   Instructor notes are printed in a small blue font, and are not intended to be read by students.  Words and sentences intended for students are printed in bold black font.


Students who take this course should have completed CA.101: English Pronunciation or have equivalent knowledge of English.  All students must be able to understand simple English sentences and ask simple questions in English.

This course is not recommended for Thai children who cannot read simple English sentences or who cannot speak rudimentary English.  Children who are unable to recognize the English alphabet or who speak simple English sentences should take CA.100: Beginning English for Thai Children.  Adults who wish to improve their English pronunciation, including Thai teachers, should take CA.201: Pronunciation and Vocabulary for Thai Adults

Course Design

Students should be given a printed copy of the lesson at the beginning of each class session.  Notebooks must be provided by the students' parents.  Students are expected to pronounce all target words in each lesson correctly enough for an English language speech recognition app on a cell phone (iPhone or Android) to recognize it.  Students will be given a final exam with 40 target words after completing all lessons.

All lesson in all of the Pronuncation series of courses are available on a USB flash drive.  The flash dirve includes MS-Word files that can be easily modified, as well as other files that support this course.