CON 1: English Conversation Level 1



The primary goal of this course is to encourage Thai students to engage in English conversation and give them the confidence to speak English, both with each other and with native English speakers.  The secondary goals of this course are to reinforce basic English vocabulary and improve pronunciation of common English words used in friendly conversations.


This course is appropriate for students in Mattayom 1 or higher (secondary school).  Before taking this class students should be able to do the following:

  · Complete EPS6: English for Primary School Level 6 or have equivalent experience.

  · Be able to read simple English sentences.

  · Use a dictionary.

  · Ask the Instructor simple questions in English.


After attending all sessions and completing all exercises students will be able to do the following:

  · Engage in simple conversations in English.

  · Speak simple sentences about the places or situations covered in the course.


In each lesson students will practice speaking 12 simple sentences about the places or activities listed here:

  1.   Food

  2.   Kitchen

  3.   Bedroom

  4.   Bathroom

  5.   School

  6.   Farm

  7.   Airport

  8.   Shopping

  9.   Family

  10. Temple

  11. Science

  12. Asia

Lesson Structure

  · Questions and Answers

  · Short Story

  · Conversation Practice

  · Guessing Game

This course is also available on a USB flash drive.  The flash dirve includes MS-Word files that can be easily modified, as well as other files that support this course.