Conversation Level  3



The primary goals of this course are to encourage Thai students to engage in English conversations and give them the confidence to speak English both with each other and with native English speakers.  Secondary goals of this course are to reinforce basic English vocabulary and improve pronunciation of common English words used in everyday conversations.


CON3: English Conversation Level 3 is intended for high school students however it can also be used to teach advanced students in primary school or adults who want to practice conversation.  Students who take this class should already have some minimal ability to speak and understand basic English and be able to read simple English sentences.  Specifically, before taking this class students should meet the following prerequisites:

  · Successful completion of CON2: English Conversation Level 2 or equivalent experience.

  · Ability to read simple English sentences using a basic vocabulary of about 500 words.

  · Ability to ask the teacher simple questions in spoken English.


Upon successful completion of all lessons and exercises in CON3 students will be able to do the following:

  · Engage in simple English language conversations with a native speaker.

  · Answer questions commonly encountered in conversations with native English speakers such as “What did you do this weekend?”

  · Pronounce vocabulary words correctly enough to be recognized by an English language speech recognition app (usually a dictionary app) on a cell phone.


· The course consists of twelve primary lessons, three optional “extra” lessons, and two exams.  The entire course can be taught in 15 or 16 sessions.  Class sessions are about 50 minutes long, depending on the number of students.

· Most lessons include 5 examples of sentences used to respond to a typical question.  The question essentially becomes the theme of that lesson.  Students will be encouraged to use their imagination when answering questions or participating in conversation exercises.

· Most lessons cover 10 vocabulary words used in the conversation examples.  Vocabulary usage is reinforced through games and activities.

· All lessons include a game or activity based on situations where the question might be asked.  Lessons 6 and 12 are designed to consolidate the conversation examples and vocabulary covered in previous lessons.

Students can be tested on their retention and proper usage of the conversation examples after the 6th and 12th lessons (Test 1 and Test 2).