EPS: English for Primary School

The California Accent English for Primary School (EPS) curriculum is an integrated set of six courses designed to teach English to Thai students in primary school.   All lessons use a consistent format designed for ease of use by both teachers and students.  The EPS curriculum was developed with the same "engineered education" strategy used to train computer professionals in Silicon Valley, California.  


The goal of this curriculum is to teach 100 useful words at each level while reviewing all words covered at lower levels.  P1 covers 100 words, P2 covers 200 words, P3 covers 300 words, etc.  If students complete all 6 courses they will have learned 600 words.  All words were chosen to enable basic conversations.  The words chosen for this curriculum are similar to the Dolch 220 but are more aligned with modern Thai culture.


  · No cost for Thai public schools (free downloads with minimal restrictions).

  · Low cost for private schools and commercial tutoring companies.

  · All lessons are available in PDF and MS-Word formats on USB flash drives.

  · Lessons can be easily photocopied on A4 paper.

  · Lessons can be easily customized with school names and logos.

  · Consistent format means all lessons at all grade levels look the same.

  · Large print is easy for students and teachers to read.

  · Updates and corrections are provided at no cost on the California Accent website.

Instructional Design

  · Every course has clearly stated behavioral objectives.  

  · Every lesson reinforces vocabulary covered in the previous level.

  · Every lesson includes exercises and Instructor Notes.

  · Review lessons can be taught after 6 vocabulary lessons.

  · Tests can be given after each review lesson.


Revised November 2017