This course is designed to teach English to Thai students in Prathom 1 (1st grade).  It can also be used to teach English to older students or even adults who are just starting to learn English.  The primary goal is to teach students how to read, write, pronounce, and translate 100 commonly-used English words and the first one hundred numbers.  Although the focus of this course is vocabulary, the words were chosen for their use in simple conversations.  This course also builds the foundation for five subsequent courses (EPS2 - EPS6).


This introductory class is intended for students with little or no prior experience speaking or writing English.  It is appropriate for students in Prathom 1 (1st grade).


· Read and write 100 English words (5 words per lesson x 20 lessons)

· Hold a pencil correctly

· Read and write the letters A-Z in upper and lower case

· Read and write numbers 0-100.

· Write their name in English

· Answer some simple questions such as “What is your name?”


· There are 20 vocabulary lessons, and 4 review lessons in this course (24 sessions total).

· Vocabulary lessons cover 5 words that start with one letter of the English alphabet.

· Vocabulary lessons include drawing activities which lets students practice holding a pencil.

· Lessons take about 50 minutes to teach to a class of 15 - 20 students.

· Review lessons can be used after the 5th 10th 15th and 20th vocabulary lessons.


English for

Primary School

Level  1