English Pronunciation Courses


Instructional Design

All English pronunciation courses developed by California Accent are designed to be taught with a smart phone (iPhone or Android) using a speech recognition app or dictionary that can understand spoken English.  This is the main technique used to confirm proper pronunciation.  Note that most of these apps are designed to recognize American English with a neutral accent, which is sometimes called a "California accent".  Many of these apps available for free and Thai students may already have one on their personal cell phones.  One such app that works quite well for this purpose is Line Dict, which is a free add-on app available from the Line app store.

Each lesson contains instructions to the teacher or parent who is teaching their students or children how to pronounce English words correctly.   Instructor Notes are shown in a blue font on every lesson - these notes are not intended to be read by students.  Words and sentences intended for students are printed in an easily read black font.

Typical Lesson

· Lessons in this curriculum series usually cover 20 target words.

· The teacher will ask each student to pronounce each target word up to three times.

· The teacher will ask each student to pronounce a simple sentence that uses the target word two or more times.

· Students will speak sentences that use several target words (tongue twisters)

· The teacher will ask each student to pronounce the target words correctly enough for a speech recognition app to recognize.

All Pronunciation lessons are available on a USB flash drive.  The flash dirve includes MS-Word files that can be easily modified, as well as other files that support these courses.

Revised October 2017