This course offers a way to teach English and science at the same time.  Many high schools in Thailand encourage students to participate in special classes that extend the standard curriculum.  SCI3: Trip To Mars is a series of lessons that teach students a variety of science-related subjects that starts off with a bold premise: you're going to go to Mars!  Well, not everyone can afford to buy a ticket to Mars but students who enjoy space science can help plan an imaginary trip to Mars.  After all, it's only a question of time before someone in Thailand actually does go to Mars, so the rest of us can participate in that adventure by learning about Mars and discussing many of the aspects of such a trip.

This course was extremely popular at the high school were it was first taught.  It was also a big hit with students in Mark's private tutoring class.   It covers a wide range of topics, from rocket engines to radiation exposure.  The latest version of this course includes material about the SpaceX BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) and BFS.


Each lesson covers ten English words associated with a particular branch of science.  Students can practice reading and using these terms in two short paragraphs, then they are encouraged to answer some discussion questions.  The second page of every lesson has a crossword puzzle that uses the vocabulary words listed on the first page.  This exercise makes science fun and reinforces the definitions.




Trip To Mars