Intermediate Vocabulary Level 2



This course is designed to expand the working vocabulary of Thai students by covering 750 words commonly used in the English language.  This course also covers four important parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.  Students will practice using their vocabulary by constructing sentences with words covered in each lesson.


The course materials assume students have successfully completed six years of English at a public school and are ready to continue learning at the next level.  Students who do not meet the minimal prerequisites for this course will have a difficult time meeting the objectives stated below.  Before taking this class students should be able to do the following:

· Complete EPS 6 (English for Primary School Level 6) or have equivalent experience.

· Complete VOC 1 (Intermediate Vocabulary Level 1) or have equivalent experience.

· Read, write, pronounce, and translate approximately 400 common English words.

· Engage in basic English conversations with their instructor and each other.

Course Objectives

· Review and reinforce vocabulary covered in EPS 6.

· Read, write, pronounce, and translate 750 English words.  This includes 400 words nouns, 100 verbs, 150 adjectives and 100 adverbs.

· Read, write, pronounce, and translate short sentences using the vocabulary covered in this course.

· Demonstrate proper usage of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

· Translate 50% of the vocabulary covered in this course from English to Thai and from Thai to English in a written test.

Course Structure

· The course consists of an introductory lesson, 20 vocabulary lessons, and 4 review lessons (25 sessions total).

· In every lesson students will read and pronounce singular and plural forms of twenty nouns.

· In every lesson students will read and pronounce past, present, and future forms of five verbs.

· In every lesson students will read and pronounce seven adjectives and five adverbs.

· Proper pronunciation will be confirmed using a cell phone (Android or iPhone) with a speech recognition app.

· In every lesson students will construct sentences using words covered in that lesson.

· Each lesson is about 50 minutes long, depending on the number of students in the class.

· Students will be given a printed copy of one lesson at the beginning of each class.

· Students should keep all lessons in a plastic notebook provided by their parents.

This course is also available on a USB flash drive.  The flash dirve includes MS-Word files that can be easily modified, as well as other files that support this course.