CON3: English Conversation Level 3 continues the lessons and activities in the previous course (CON2).  This could be used in the second semester of a 1-year English curriculum.


This course is intended for high school students, however it can also be used to teach advanced students in primary school or adults who want to practice conversation.  Before taking this course students should meet the following prerequisites:

  · Completion of CON2: English Conversation Level 2 or equivalent experience.

  · Ability to read simple English sentences.

  · Ability to ask simple questions in English.


Five sample lessons can be downloaded for free.  

Click the links below, then right-click to save the PDF.






The complete CON3 course can be purchased by clicking the PayPal or Krungthai links below.  If you use PayPal you can download the ZIP file immedidately after making payment.  If you use Krungthai Bank transfer you must do additional steps and the process is slower.    The CON3.zip file contains 15 lessons, 3 suppplimental lessons, 1 introductory lesson, 2 tests, a cover sheet, and a course description.  The price is 29B.

The entire set of all California Accent courses (over 300 lessons) can be purchased and downloaded in ZIP format.   Click here for details.


CON3: English Conversation Level 3