California Accent TEFL has 28 sets of courses organized into eight curriculum areas described below.  Most courses (except SPELLING BEE) consist of 25 - 30 lessons and can be taught over one semester.


This is our easiest curriculum.  It teaches some common 3- and 4-leter words to preschool or primary students.  Free online games are supported by printable worksheets.  This unique instructional design make these lessons extremely effective.


The NOUN TOWN curriculum focuses eclusively on nouns.  Currently there are 5 courses in this curriculum.  Each course has 28 lessons.  All lessons have QR codes that link to online word games.ENGLISH FOR CHINESE STUDENTS

The ECS curriculum is designed to be taught at primary schools in China.  145 lessons in six courses cover a total of 600 words.  All vocabulary words are shown in English and Chinese.  Sample sentences have been adapted to respect Chinese culture.


CON1: English Conversation Level 1 is appropriate for high school students (M1 - M3).

CON2: English Conversation Level 2 is appropriate for high school students (M3 - M6).

CON3: English Conversation Level 3 is a continuation of CON2.


The EPS curriculum is an excellent way to supplement the regular teaching materials used at primary schools.  Starting with EPS1, these six courses lead students to learn 600 useful English words.  This curriculum exemplifies the "gentle slope" philosophy used in all California Accent TEFL courses.


PRO3: English Pronunciation Level 3 is appropriate for a wide range of students depending on their ability (P4 to M4, adults).

PRO5: English Pronunciation Level 5 is a continuation of PRO3 (M3 - M6, adults)


SCI1: Science Vocabulary Level 1 is appropriate for primary school students who are interested in science (P4 - P6).

SCI2: Science Vocabulary Level 2 is a more challenging version of SCI1 indended for high schoool students (M1 - M3)

SCI3: Science Vocabulary Level 3 (Trip to Mars) is appropriate for high school students with a strong interest in space science (M3 - M6)


VOC1: Intermediate Vocabulary Level 1 is appropriate for high school students (M1 - M3) or adults.

VOC2: Intermediate Vocabulary Level 2 is an epanded version of VOC1.  It uses the same format but covers more words (M3 - M6, adults).

Curriculum Areas