In February 2020 all English For Primary School courses (over 170 lessons) were significantly updated.  Version 6 now includes Thai translations for all vocabulary words as well as new exercises designed to reinforce spelling and translation.  All lessons are organized into five distinct sections.  All words and exercises use the Chalkboard font, similar to Comic Sans.  Teacher Notes have been moved to a seperate document.  Many lessons have improved reading and grammar exercises.


The goal of the EPS curriculum is to teach 100 useful words at each level while reviewing all words covered in the previous course.  EPS1 covers 100 words, EPS2 covers 200 words, EPS3 covers 300 words, etc.  Students who complete all EPS courses will have learned 600 words.  All words were chosen to enable basic conversations.  The words chosen for this curriculum are similar to the Dolch 220 but are more aligned with modern Thai culture.


  · Low cost - approximately 4B/lesson.

  · All lessons can be printed or photocopied on A4 paper.

  · All lessons at all grade levels have a similar look and feel which builds familarity.

  · All lessons use an attractive layout that's easy for students and teachers to read.


EPS1: English for Primary School Level 1 (Prathom 1)

EPS2: English for Primary School Level 2 (Prathom 2)

EPS3: English for Primary School Level 3 (Prathom 3)

EPS4: English for Primary School Level 4 (Prathom 4)

EPS5: English for Primary School Level 5 (Prathom 5)

EPS6: English for Primary School Level 6 (Prathom 6)


English for Primary School