This course is designed to teach English to Thai students in Prathom 4 (4th grade).  It can also be used to teach English to older students or even adults who want to improve their English skills.  The primary goal is to teach students how to read, write, pronounce, and translate 400 commonly-used English words.  Although the focus of this course is vocabulary, the words were chosen for their use in simple conversations.  This course prepares students to take two subsequent courses (EPS5 and EPS6).


The course materials assume students have successfully completed three years of English at a public school and are ready to continue learning at the next level.  Students who do not meet the minimal prerequisites for this course will have a difficult time meeting the objectives stated below.  Before taking this class students should be able to do the following:

· Complete EPS3: English for Primary School Level 3 or have equivalent experience.

· Read, write, pronounce, and translate approximately 150 common English words.

· Ask the teacher simple questions in spoken English.


· Review and reinforce vocabulary covered in EPS3.

· Read, write, pronounce, and translate 400 English words.  

   This includes 300 words that were covered in EPS3 and 100 new words.

· Read, write, pronounce, and translate the days of the week ("Monday" - "Sunday").

· Read, write, pronounce, and translate sentence fragments with 4 or 5 words.

· Read short paragraphs and answer questions about their contents.

· Translate 50% of the vocabulary covered in this course from English to Thai

   and from Thai to English in a written test.


· This course is designed to be taught for one academic year

  (nominally 40 weeks minus holidays and special events).

· There are 25 vocabulary lessons, and 4 review lessons (30 sessions total).

· Each lesson covers 8 words that start with one letter of the English alphabet.  

  4 words will be new to the students and 4 of them were introduced in EPS3.

· Two pairs of lessons cover words that use the letters R (AR) and V (VE).

· Each lesson is about 50 minutes long, depending on the number of students in the class..

· Review lessons can be used after the 6th, 12th, 19th, and 25th vocabulary lessons.


English for

Primary School

Level  4



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