Krungthai Bank Transfers

California Accent TEFL accepts transfer payments to our Krungthai Bank account, however this process takes longer than payments made through PayPal.  Here are the steps to do this:

1. Use the Krungthai NEXT app to scan the QR code below.  The PromptPay number of the account is 096 232 9551.  The name of the account is Mark Richard Brown.  Enter the amount of your purchase.  

2. Put the name of the course you want to purchase in the transfer Note.

3.  We will recieve notice of your payment right away, but we won't know how to contact you.  Please send a copy of the transfer confirmation and the name of the course to sales@california-accent.com.

4.  When we receive your email we'll send you a link that allows you to download the course you ordered.  We will try to compete your order within 2 hours, however this is a manual process which may take longer.