NOUNS Level 3 is an easy course that covers 336 nouns organized into 28 lessons (“Animals” to “Workers”).  Each lesson covers 12 words in a clean, attractive format with lots of pictures and large fonts.  Each lesson includes exercises for translation, spelling, and reading.  This course is targeted for students in P3 but can be taught to anyone who is just starting to learn English.  NOUNS Level 3 uses three different formats (videos, worksheets, and  games) so students learn three different ways.


NOUNS Level 3 has 28 instructional videos that let students practice pronunciation, spelling, and translation in the classroom or at home.  Available on our subsite or on YouTube.

NOUNS Level 3 Lesson 1

NOUNS Level 3 Lesson 2

NOUNS Level 3 Lesson 3

NOUNS Level 3 Lesson 4

NOUNS Level 3 Lesson 5


NOUNS Level 3 has PDF worksheets that can be used online or in traditional classrooms.  Click these links, then right-click to save the PDF.

Lesson 1: Animals

Lesson 2: Astronomy

Lesson 3: Body Parts

Lesson 4: Buildings

Lesson 5: Car Parts

The complete course consists of 28 worksheets, Instructor Notes in English and Thai, a cover sheet, course description, and a blank certificate of completion. The standard price for this package is 199B but during this promotion it's free!


All lessons in NOUNS Level 3 are supported by online games on our subsite: California Accent for Kids.  28 word games reinforce vocabulary covered in the worksheets and videos. Noun Town can be played on cell phones, so students can learn at home or while riding in the car.

NOUN TOWN Level 3: Animals

NOUN TOWN Level 3: Astronomy

NOUN TOWN Level 3: Body Parts

NOUN TOWN Level 3: Buildings

NOUN TOWN Level 3: Car Parts


NOUNS Level 3


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