NOUNS Level 5 is a relatively easy course that covers 560 nouns organized into 28 lessons (“Animals” to “Workers”).  Each lesson covers 20 words in a clean, attractive format with lots of pictures and exercises for translation, spelling, and reading.  This course is  intended for students who have completed 4 or more years of basic English classes (P5 in Thai public schools).  Students who complete this course will have an easy transition to the next course in this series, NOUNS Level 6.


All lessons in NOUNS Level 5 are supported by online word games called “Noun Town Level 5”.  These games reinforce vocabulary covered in the printed lessons.  Games on the California Accent for Kids website can be played on cell phones, so students can learn at home or while riding in the car.  Go to kids.california-accent.com


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The complete NOUNS Level 5 course can be purchased by clicking the PayPal or Krungthai links below.  If you use PayPal you can download the ZIP file immedidately after making payment.  If you use Krungthai Bank transfer you must do additional steps and the process is slower.  The NOUNS5.zip file contains 28 lessons, instructor notes, a cover sheet, and the course description. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE: 199B.


NOUNS Level 5


Try these for 5 weeks, then decide if you want to purchase the complete course.