California Accent TEFL collaborates with several nonprofit organizations who teach disadvantaged students in rural locations.  We give our materials to these organizations free of charge.  If you know of a charitable organization in Thailand or China who would appreciate a library of TEFL courses, please contact sales@california-accent.com.


Strive2Thrive Edu is a nonprofit organization working with students around the world to enrich lives and lay the foundation for a brighter future.


"Helping people where they live."  Thailand Teach assists rural Temple Schools in Thailand with people interested in taking an active approach during their free time virtually or while on vacations abroad.




Speaking Hub is an organization that improves English speaking and critical thinking skills for underprivileged Thai high school students through providing free online classes by video calls with volunteer teachers. Speaking Hub empowers students to improve their skills, build confidence in speaking English, and gain new insights. For more information, please visit www.speakinghub.org.


TEFLPros gives you the power to succeed. Get the inside scoop on what you need to know to have a successful career Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  Learn more about us on our website, download a free course, or contact us for more information.



We partner with rural communities to empower children, create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, and ensure the wellbeing of the elderly through practical and accessible education, socially and environmentally responsible innovation, and worldwide networks of support.  For more information visit our website or send email to info@warmheartonline.org.