SCI1: Science Vocabulary Level 1 is an introductory course that teaches Thai students how to read and translate some basic terms used in several branches of science.   Multiple-choice quizzes and crossword puzzles reinforce vocabulary words covered in each lesson.  Colorful graphics compliment lesson topics.  This course is very popular with students and fun to teach.


Each lesson covers ten English words associated with a particular branch of science.  Each lesson is four pages long.  All vocabulary words are listed in English and Thai.  The Instructor will help students read a short paragraph using the terms, then students are prompted to take a multiple-choice quiz based on what they read.   The forth page of every lesson has a simple crossword puzzle that requires students to translate the vocabulary words covered in this lesson.  


Five sample lessons can be downloaded for free.  

Click the links below, then right-click to save the PDF.






The complete SCI1 course can be purchased by clicking the PayPal or Krungthai links below.  If you use PayPal you can download the ZIP file immedidately after making payment.  If you use Krungthai Bank transfer you must do additional steps and the process is slower.  The file contains 12 lessons, a cover sheet, and a course description.  The price is 29B.

The entire set of all California Accent courses for Thai students (over 300 lessons) can be purchased and downloaded in ZIP format.   Click here for details.



SCI1: Science Vocabulary Level 1